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PYRAMID solitaire   american language

Some say this solitaire is the demonstration that 'card games to go alone' comes from Egypt.
Suggestive theory, as certainly I don't believe accreditabile this solitaire had invented by Napoleon, in this case during the campaign Egypt.
However, this type of solitary (sum of cards to get a fixed number) there are several.

PYRAMID (or "campagna d'Egitto")
Discard any pair of cards, ignoring color and suit, which total thirteen (13).
The valid pairs are:
A with Q
2 with J
3 with 10
4 with 9
5 with 8
6 with 7
Value of Jacks is 11 and Queens is 12.
Kings are worth 13 and are discarded singularly.

In the pyramid you cannot remove a card unless it is exposed (not covered by any other card). Pairs may be made from: two exposed pyramid cards; the stock card and an exposed pyramid card; the top waste card and an exposed pyramid card.

To start game: press button "New game".
To send a card from stock to waste: click on stock by mouse.
To choose pair of cards: click on tableau and then (if it's necessary) on waste.
To discard pair of cards: click on "Confirm".
To undo selections: click on "Undo".
To redeal waste: click on "Redeal".


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